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Philos Partners (PP) provides countless opportunities throughout your career to hone your expertise, take on new challenges, and reinvent yourself in new roles and business areas. We look for ways to help our employees grow, creating succession plans, assigning stretch projects outside everyday responsibilities, and advertising all open roles and giving priority to internal candidates.  This brings new perspectives throughout our business areas—which is good for you and our clients.  Mobility enables you to benefit from cross-regional, cross-product and/or cross-functional experiences—exposing you to varied work, teams, and client perspectives.

Take on the World

Interested in expanding your global mindset, developing language skills, and applying your expertise in different businesses and cultures? Our Global Assignment Program supports PP’s global strategy while providing employees development and cross-cultural opportunities. We offer both short-term and long-term assignments that run anywhere from three months to five years.  These assignments provide you the opportunity to:

  • gain advanced international skills and experience
  • work in diverse global markets
  • develop leadership skills
  • explore new cultures
  • build global networks

December 20, 2019