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Investor Services

Philos Partners Investor Services provides asset servicing and technology solutions to prominent global asset gatherers. We work with a small number of clients who are looking for a dedicated partner to assist them in gaining a competitive advantage. Each client receives a highly personalised and tailored service that is backed up by cutting-edge technology.

Because Philos Partners is a privately held company with no outside stockholders to distract us, we can focus entirely on our clients. We work with them on the most important aspects of their business to help them stand out and achieve their growth objectives.

Philos Partners assists clients in identifying value, improving risk and complexity management, and expanding their businesses. They demand undeniably better service, which we provide. Clients have told us that we are the first people they call when they need to solve a new and difficult problem. Philos Partners is the best global service provider on a consistent basis.

Specialist Expertise Specialist Expertise

Providing specialist expertise servicing cross-border funds, alternatives, ETFs, and insurance firms