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Alternative Funds

Philos Partners is a renowned global alternative fund service provider. We offer complete custody, administration, and related services for all major alternative asset classes and strategies, across three broad categories, and currently service over $75 billion* in alternative assets.

  • Private equity and real estate 

Our solution helps businesses manage the complexities of their alternative funds business, expand and compete globally, and provide superior service to their underlying clientele.

*as of January 2022

Creating Growth Opportunities

Philos Partners collaborates with managers and investors throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. Our experience serving both traditional and alternative assets for some of the world's most sophisticated asset managers has provided us with a unique understanding of the servicing requirements of a globally distributed and complicated product set.

We created a scalable and integrated platform for hedge, real assets, private equity, and debt funds, allowing our clients to benefit from the benefits of a single global platform.

Maintaining the Security of Your Brand

Philos's success is determined by the success of our clients, and we place as much emphasis on protecting their businesses and reputations as we do on our own. We manage alternative investment fund operational operations with caution, based on the principles of a privately owned and managed organisation with a strong risk management culture.

With a single global team that includes functions such as Custody, Accounting, Transfer Agency, and Financial Reporting, we structure our client servicing strategy around their needs. This simplifies operational requirements while ensuring that our clients and their investors receive consistent, high-quality servicing and reporting regardless of geography.

Transparency and Integrity

Transparency is the most important factor for investors in alternative assets and strategies. Our technological systems provide the granularity of reporting required to meet complex investor needs, and we place a strong emphasis on assisting investors.

As a partnership, Philos takes a more personal approach to managing customer relationships, providing direct access to the firm's founders and management. This also promotes a more open and transparent attitude.