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Philanthropic Advisory

Philanthropy allows you to help others and your community while also setting a good example for your family and/or leaving a legacy. Because philanthropy is so personal and unique to individuals and families, it usually entails a lot of thought on a wide range of topics, from expressing a vision to determining the best legal structure to selecting grant recipients and tracking impact.

We assist our clients in addressing all aspects of their philanthropic objectives and goals, regardless of where they are on their philanthropic path, so that they can have a lasting and beneficial effect that benefits their causes, communities, and loved ones.

The Initial Steps

Advice on critical factors to consider as you develop your philanthropic strategy and involve family and loved ones.

Setting the Course

Assisting you in defining the role of philanthropy in your life and estate plan, including values identification, family engagement, and mission formulation.


Structure and Formation

Advice on how to structure your efforts in light of your current circumstances and the motivations that drive your generosity.

Governance and administration

Assisting with the development of an effective governance framework, as well as compliance and other administrative rules and procedures.

Strategy, Implementation, and Impact

Advice on strategic philanthropy and implementation, including how to write a strategic plan, assemble a strong team, create grants, and evaluate effectiveness.

Beyond Giving

Assisting you in aligning your philanthropic mission with direct involvement in charitable organisations.