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Trust Services

As skilled trustees and executors, we work with clients and their advisors to administer all types of trusts, from simple living trusts to complex tax-driven estate planning vehicles. In addition, we offer retirement planning and charitable foundation services.

The firm also maintains a trust corporation in the Cayman Islands, primarily to meet the needs of our non-US clients.

Keeping Your Family's Continuity

By acting as trustee and/or executor, we provide our clients with the continuity they require to achieve their personal and financial goals across generations. Among the numerous services we offer are:

  • Trust and estate administration
  • Execution of an estate plan
  • Preparation of fiduciary tax returns
  • Trusteeship services in Delaware
  • Administration and management of foundations
  • Accounting and record-keeping in a fiduciary capacity
  • Income tax planning can benefit trusts, estates, grantors, and beneficiaries
  • Management of the IRA