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Wealth Planning

Our wealth planners work with your legal and tax professionals to create and implement a wealth and estate plan that is guided by your specific goals and values while also being consistent with your overall investment strategy. Our integrated strategy enables us to proactively present you with relevant planning alternatives as your wealth grows, your family develops, and the regulatory and financial landscape shifts.

Wealth Planning Advisory Services

Personal and Family Goals

  • personal and financial goals, both short and long-term planning;
  • family governance and the education of the next generation; and
  • family business planning for the future

Estate and Wealth Administration

  • preparing for tax-advantaged wealth transfer
  • insurance and cash flow forecasting
  • asset ownership and location examples include family trusts, LLCs, and partnerships
  • developing and implementing an estate plan
  • preparing for income taxes
  • retirement asset planning


  • assisting with the establishment, administration, and design of a family foundation;
  • advice on appropriate assets to donate to charity; and
  • identification of philanthropic vehicles that meet your family's charitable giving objectives.